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Mahogany Furniture at Mahogany Heritage


Mahogany Heritage is one of Company in Indonesia which Very Experienced and professional in Mahogany furniture line, that produced Highest Class Quality of Classic Indoor Mahogany and Exclusive Mahogany.

We selected The Best Genuine Solid Mahogany wood, as material taken from PERUM PERHUTANI (The Indonesian Legal Forest Development Institution). Which Indonesian government adopt a strict replanting policy to ensure that the cultivation of mahogany wood will be successful for many hundred years.


Mahogany Furniture Quality


Our mahogany furniture products are made in by craftsmen, whose skills and perfect understanding of this wood are demonstrated in the design and construction of the highest quality products.

We believe that we manufacturing our Classic Indoor Mahogany furniture and Exclusive Mahogany furniture using this superior wood is a very great idea; Not only to decorate your garden but also to guarantee a very high quality product.

Mahogany Indonesian Furniture at Mahogany Heritage

Mahogany refers to a long-lasting and costly hardwood that is chiefly used in making good quality furniture. It is a unique type of wood which is renowned due to its lovely grain and dark, reddish-brown shade that renders an age-old look to the furniture. Tables that are constructed with mahogany are long-lasting and are therefore a good investment.

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Types of Mahogany Furniture finishes

Mahogany has had a successful stint related with its finish. The initial crafters of mahogany were aware of the fact that the lesser the finish and greater the transparency of this finish, the more long-lasting was the finish of mahogany. Innumerable pieces of mahogany were rendered with an amazing finish by simply brushing into the wood coat after applying a single coat of oil, then wiping it and allowing it to dry completely before applying yet another coat, in the same process.

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